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Welcome to the Links at Lockhart Ryan Park Disc Golf Course

corbettWhat is Disc Golf?
Disc Golf is played much like regular golf, but instead of trying to hit a ball into a hole, contestants attempt to throw discs into a basket. Discs are weighted differently, allowing for participants to use “drivers”, “mid-ranges”, and “putters”. There are currently over 3000 established disc golf courses in North America. Most holes at the Links at Lockhart & Ryan Park are par 3’s.
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In the fall of 2012, The Village of New Minas constructed the Valley’s first ever disc golf course at Lockhart & Ryan Park. “The Links at Lockhart & Ryan Park” is Nova Scotia’s first public- 18-hole-basketed course. It is free to play, and discs may be borrowed from New Minas Recreation. Simply stop by the Louis Millett Community Complex during regular business hours to sign them out.

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How do I throw a disc properly?  Well, this infographic won't automatically make you the next Paul Wysocki, but it will get you on the right track:

The Maritime Disc Golf Tour is a series of PDGA-Sanctioned events put on by the Maritime Disc Golf Association (MDGA).  Events happen throughout NB, PEI and NS from May - Oct.
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2017 iron leaf logo 7The Iron Leaf is the last stop on the Maritime 
Disc Golf Association's annual tour and takes place in early October every year.  The Tournament is open to participants of all skills and age.  Players from all over Atlantic Canada come to New Minas for this event, which has developed a reputation as one of the most fun events on the entire tour.  For the Iron Leaf, Tournament Director and Village of New Minas Recreation Staff, John Ansara, adds 6 temporary holes to the course to make each round of the tournament a 24 hole challenge.  Players, therefore, throw a total of 72 holes over the course of two days until champions are crowned for each division.   This past year saw over 40 people play the event, with winners in Women's Amateur, Men's Intermediate, Men's Amateur, and Open (Pro).  The Iron Leaf is a Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) sanctioned event, meaning PDGA members receive player ratings based on their scores.

IRon Leaf 2017 croppedThe Iron Leaf is an annual disc golf tournament at The Links @ Lockhart & Ryan Park.  Player's from New Brunswick, PEI and NS all compete in the MDGA's final event of the 6 month tour.

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